The Second World War - A Day by Day Account

This website provides a daily chronicle of the events of the Twentieth Century's bloodiest conflict. Each day from 1st January, 1939 through to 31st December 1945 is listed. Alternatively if you wish to find out what happened on this date during the war then click on this day to find out.

Start of Major Events

Invasion of Poland Invasion of Norway Battle of France Battle of Britain Operation Barbarossa
Pearl Harbor Battle of Midway El Alamein Stalingrad Guadalcanal
Fall of Singapore Operation Husky Monte Cassino Battle of Kursk Anzio
D-Day Market Garden Battle of the Bulge Battle of Berlin Iwo Jima
Okinawa Hiroshima Nagasaki VE Day VJ Day
Invasion of North Africa - Operation Torch        
I also have a collection of personal photographs from my father's collection. He served in the Royal Artillery from 1938 to 1946, finishing his army service based at Military Government House in Berlin.


Like any good enthusiast I try and photograph anything remotely WW2 related on my travels. 



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